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Women, Weight, and Body Image

9 May

Alright….so this post is aaaallll about women. Now just to clear the air, I am not about to rant about how hard it is for women to lose weight or how unfair it is that men can lose weight faster blah blah blah. In fact, I could care less about any of that. What I do want to focus on is the way we as women treat each other.

In a previous post I mentioned the different type of people you have at th gym. Well in this one we’re going to focus on the different types of women…’ve got the show off( wears only sports bra and too tight spandex shorts), insecure woman( she is so worried about what others think of her body she doesn’t even like going to the gym) normal/nonchalant (just in the gym with her music blasting trying to get her work out in before she gets the day going, super health conscious), and the beast( working out is her life, she’s probably trying to be a body builder), and you can’t forget the “know nothing” woman. And when I say that I don’t mean to question anyone’s level of intelligence, I mean she’s the type of woman to take up tons of time trying to figure out how to use a piece of equipment instead of just asking before hand like come on miss please just move already! Anyway that’s just a quick description of some of the type if women in the gym.

Ok, to the meat of the matter. I’ve actually been working on this piece for a minute because I really wanted to make sure I got my point across. I’ve really noticed (even more) since going away to school that we as women tear each other down like it’s nobodies business. (pause for the gasps on disbelief) yes we as women tend to pull each other down just so we can get ahead. So to focus on women in the gym since this is a blog about fitness, I can’t seem to grasp why it is we have faces that look like we’ve been sucking on lemons. For example, you see the “show off” walk in and you’re immediately turned off. Don’t get me wrong I can understand the envy you may feel because she comes into the gym everyday without ever hardly breaking a sweat and still has a body that looks like it was carved by angels…..well guess what SUCK IT IP! Yeah, I said it! We aren’t all built the same so if you know you have to “sweat like a pig to look like a fox” do what you have to do, being mad at her or discussing her with your workout partner is not going to change the fact that you still have to leave it all in the gym to get the results you want.

I’m going leave the woman thing along because I think y’all get my point but one other thing I’d like to address about the example I have previously… should consider what you are eating. The “show off” may only do light workouts everyday but her eating habits are probably cleaner than a hospital room so just because she’s not making the “sacrifices” you think are necessary in the gym, you have no idea what she does at home and that’s her business.
Well enough about that I don’t care to say too much more about this cause I’ll get aggravated but let me know what y’all think and as always….
Stay Sweet,


Having a Healthier diet Part 2( Sugar and you!)

3 May

Ok so I want to start off by saying this from the jump my next post will be about body image, weight and women because we as women can be soooooo ugly to one another. Anyway that will come up another time, right now I want to focus on the consumption of sugar and how it affects our weight/health.

Ok so if you have a sweet tooth and you know it raise your hand *clap clap*, if you have a sweet tooth and you know it raise your hand *clap clap*. Ok so I have both hands and feet raised at this point because I have an extremely bad case of having a sweet tooth or sweet mouth sweet teeth whatever you want to call it. Anyway, I know someone out there may be asking, “what’s so bad about sugar?” Or something along those lines right. Well here’s the thing there isn’t anything wrong with sugar. It’s great for making yummy desserts and treats but the problem comes when we use 4cups of sugar in one of our yummy desserts and then we try to eat said yummy dessert by ourselves.


For example, if you make a chocolate cake today and you are the only person in the house that cake should not be finished in two days. In fact, if you finish the cake before it goes bad you should reevaluate some things. The only reason I’m saying this is because chances are, that cake isn’t the only sugary thing you’ve had today….think about it…that iced white chocolate mocha coffee with the danish this morning for breakfast, the cereal bar for lunch with a lipton iced tea cause you’re “watching your weight” then your afternoon snack is a slice of chocolate cake that covers half of the plate…..yes you are certainly watching your weight……watching it grow exponentially. So although it may see that one slice of cake you have a day is harmless, keep in mind how much sugar is in all the other food you are eating and the drinks you have.

Keep in mind, there are different names for sugar. Some names are sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maltose, high fructose corn syrup, just to name a few! There are lots of different types of sugar so do your research!

Well, that’s all for now love bugs!
Stay sweet,


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