My Ongoing Battle With Healthy Eating and Self-discipline

9 Sep

Ok so I have been considering (weakly I might add) giving up meat.  Now…..I used to be one of those people that said I can not live without meat….I must have it with every meal….you know I was “that guy”.  I have learned that meat is not in fact a necessity in one’s diet.  Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy it….in fact I think I may sauté some chicken tonight but that isn’t the point.  The point is, I still do not eat enough fruits and veggies.  THERE I SAID IT!

During Spring semester of this year I was doing really good with eating right and exercising everyday religiously and then I went home for the summer and my parents sabotaged me….yes I blame them.  I can’t put all the blame on them though.  It’s not like my parents were in the car with me when I drove to that Wendy’s.  It’s not like they forced me to order that Papa John’s pizza or that Chinese food.  So all summer I’ve been battling the bulge and it’s still ongoing.  Thank God I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon but I’ve definitely set myself back :(.  Thankfully I don’t have a bulge….I did just enough to basically maintain.  Instead of getting depressed and grabbing the nearest box of cookies or carton of ice cream, I’m going to go ahead and jump right back in it.  I know what to do and I can’t allow myself to slip back into the habit of exercising only once every other month or eating past a certain time, or eating fast food so much( that adds up really quick by the way). 

The first step is just buying better food.  Yes, we all have the things we love and that’s ok.  You can have it but just remember moderation is the key. That is where I messed up this summer, moderation.  But THANK GOD FOR MUSCLE MEMORY and being young! Give me three weeks of non-stop intense training and I’ll be close to my pre-summer body.  One lesson that I did learn about myself this summer is that I am weak.  As soon as my surroundings changed I almost reverted back to my old ways of horrible eating and being sedentary.  Because of that,  I have decided to make a journal for myself. This journal is  not just about food but it is for everything.  It can give me a chance to reflect about the day and I can hopefully start to recognize what triggers certain cravings and how to avoid falling into the temptation of eating bad food or not making time to exercise because I’m “too tired” or “too busy” . 

Along with all of that,  I really have to learn how to have discipline. I am moving after graduation in December and I will be close to my granny who cooks gloriously unhealthy foods all the time.  I mean dressing, ham, turkey, greens, macaroni and cheese, pies, cakes….I could go on and on.  I feel like I need to go to the gym just thinking about her cooking.  Yes all of her food has great taste but it’s not so great for the figure.  I love that woman’s cooking……*licks lips*….and if I couldn’t handle the not healthy food at my parents house…who by the way do not cook often…..what am I going to do when Jordan swells?????? In other words, what am I gona do when I get close to granny?  So I have to buckle down now and really get on the ball because I refuse to let my weight and health become an issue when I get older because I was too tired or too lazy to get up and move!!!

They say the first step to correcting a problem is admitting that you have a problem….welp  y’all I have a problem!  I recognize that I don’t have self-discipline down yet so I’m making a goal to go to the gym everyday for the rest of this semester and to make sure I eat the recommended amounts of fruits and veggies everyday!  I’ll keep you guys posted about the transformations my body is about to make.  I may stumble sometimes but I’m not giving up!! Fit for life!!!


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