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Shake What Yo Mama Gave Ya!!!!

18 Oct


Did I get your attention with that one????  LOL! For those that don’t know, my fitness journey has been full of peaks and valleys!  Lately I have been in a VERY DEEP VALLEY!  I’m slowly working my way back up the peak but I must say it is not easy….even with all the previous experience I have had in the gym.  Once you fall off the wagon it can seem like you have to practically sprint to get back on it.

Here is the thing…don’t sprint…don’t even jog…..just dance.  What I mean is try a Zumba, Jazzercise, or Hip-Hop dance class.

Personally I have only done the Zumba dance classes but I will certainly be trying the Hip-Hop dance class so I can have an excuse to twerk LOL!  Seriously though, for those of you just starting out, or just picking back up going to a beginners zumba class is…

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Clothing Optional?????

16 Oct


Hopefully that somewhat risque title got your attention…..and hopefully my mama doesn’t kill me for putting it on her blog LOL!!!! Anyway, we are approaching our cruise slowly but surely. We all know it’s a little less than a year away but it’ll be here before you know it! So to get back on track, we all want to look and feel our best during the cruise….and might even want to rock that itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini….or some variation of it so here are some tips to help motivate us to get moving! *cues song I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT!!

Spongebob Dancing


Whatever you like to groove to BLAST IT!! So when you go for that half mile walk, 3 mile run, or you’re pumping iron you’ve got something to keep you “turnt up” LOL. Personally, I desperately need music to…

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100 Happy AND Healthy Days Challenge

14 Oct

Hey fam!!! Have y’all heard of the 100 Happy Days challenge??? Long story short, is challenging people to be happy for 100 days in a row! How awesome is that?????
So with this challenge for 100 days you are supposed to post a picture of something that makes you happy on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter(I’m starting my challenge tomorrow on Instagram…..follow me at misskurlykutie13). I’m going to take the challenge a step further and make it 100 happy AND healthy days. I will try to document how I’m being healthy along with the little things that’s making me happy!
I know this challenge has already taken off online but I want to keep promoting it so that it reaches even more people! I think this is such a fantastic opportunity for everyone to take the time and appreciate the little things we take for granted on a daily basis.
I haven’t even started and im already wondering… I really have 100 things that can make me happy?? The answer is YES! It doesn’t have to be something huge or anything like that. Even something as simple as a sunrise or a cup of coffee….if it makes you happy snap a pic and SHARE!!! I’m really excited to see how my mood is going to change and what awesome things will be in store just from being happy on purpose! Won’t you join me?

The Black Woman’s Struggle: Sweating Out Your Hairstyle

11 Oct

This post has been a long time coming but I think it’s very befitting considering my current situation.  There have been MANY DAYS that I have paid $50 or more to get my hair done and my gosh it will be LAID!!!…..but the issue is after a good workout it will not be laid.  It will be flat and lifeless and needless to say my $50 will have been wasted.  Now for a sister that has natural hair a wash and go may be all she needs.  For those of us with relaxed hair or transitioning to natural hair (like I am) the task is not quite simple.

See black women have a different kind of hair.  It requires a lot of care and attention because if not it can and WILL run wild.  If I know anything about black women and hair we do not play about it at all.  It requires too much work, too many long hours in a salon, and TOO MUCH MONEY for it to only last for a day or two.  I searched the web for tips on ways to preserve hairstyles with only a few styles that actually worked for me. The types of hairstyles I’m referring to are things like the body wraps and loose curls.  For those of us fortunate enough to invest in $200+ sew-ins you’ve found your golden ticket.  But for girls like me that can only afford $50 a month for professional hair styles….WHAT DO YOU DO????

Clearly you don’t want to sacrifice a week of gym time for your hair…..but that $50 isn’t coming back and try as you may it never feels like you’ve got that professional quality swing and bounce when you flat iron it yourself….well maybe that’s just me. Speaking of flat irons, if you’re like me, you are trying to avoid the heat because you 1.) Fry the life out of your hair , 2.) Use it EVERYDAY which can result in heat damage causing breakage and/or split ends, or 3.) you’re transitioning and the internet has told you heat ruins your curl pattern…..that’s a topic for another day. 

To get back on subject, I’ve come to grips with the fact that I have to make sacrifices to get what I want…..including a hairstlye (that would get washed out in a week anyway).  So here are some hairstyles that I think are helpful for those of us that are transitioning, have relaxers, or are just need something that will last.
So for braids you can get cornrows/scalp braids or box/patra braids and depending on who you go to and how small they are… could take quite some time to complete this style. However, the good news is, you’ll be able to keep it in for at least a month and protect your growing hair. I like box braids and cornrows but my go to style with weave has become Senegalese twist!
Senegalese twist and I have a love hate relationship. For those that know me personally and have done my hair you know that I have A LOT of it! So even though I love to get them it is still such a pain cause I am in the chair for at least 8 hours *le sigh*
This style certainly does not hold up as long as weave but it’s relatively simple to do. I have actually come to prefer the braid out while I am transitioning. I love how it blends the two hair textures in my head. It certainly makes the transition easier and I don’t sweat it out AS FAST as a wrap lol.
I’m jealous of my fully natural sisters. Y’all have the option to wash your hair and go so it’s ok if you break a sweat in the gym. Im certainly not saying the wash and go is always an easier route but you don’t have to worry about losing a style all the time.
Well that’s all for now. Anybody have some tips for how to make a hair style last when you go to the gym on a regular basis? Subscribe and comment below luvs!

I know, I know…..

11 Oct

Yes, I know…..I am HORRIBLE at blogging consistently…but hey…..I’ve got a lot going on. I’m currently enrolled at UCF as a graduate student so I don’t have much free time. Any who, this will be a really short post. Basically this is just to let y’all know I am going to try to do better with posting and keeping you updated on my fitness journey. Graduate school has made staying on the wagon sooooooo much harder. I’m going to start posting videos in addition to writing blogs. Thanks for keeping up with me you guys are the best! 🙂


Aloha, Bonjour, Hola, Howdy, Hi, Hello, Hey Y’all!!!!

9 Oct

Make Sure Y’all Follow!!!


Welcome to the world of blogging…..where I sometimes will sporadically post faithfully for a few weeks…..and then fall off the map for a few months…..but I digress…so as many of you know, we are in the process of planning and preparing for our family and friends vacation….*cues the song TURN DOWN FOR WHAT????!!!* Now I know many of you are excited about the time we’ll get to spend together…others….weeelll not so much. For some it might be a case where traveling on a boat in the middle of the ocean just isn’t your thing *cue the “I can’t drink all that water” chorus*

Here is the thing, although you can’t drink all that water, your cruise ship is the size of several football fields and are typically over-equipped with lifeboats…should the worst happen. The chances of your cruise ship sinking….are about as slim as a number 2 pencil. Each incident…

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5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain Rebound

9 Oct

Can I Get an Amen?!


Few people can stay competition lean (or should). A little extra weight is healthy - but parameters must be set to avoid rebound. Few people can stay competition lean (or should). A little extra weight is healthy – but parameters must be set to avoid rebound.

One of the things I hear a lot after someone has lost a lot of weight is that someone gained all their weight back. It’s a big fear for most people. They join a boot camp or do a competition and they reach all their goals, and a few months later they are right back to where they started – or worse.

While, in our gym, there are more people that keep it off than people who gain it back, it happens – and I sure didn’t want that to happen to me after my competition so I sat down with Steve and we made very specific rules. Here are the parameters I plan to put in my life to help me maintain my weight during our “off season”.


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