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9 Oct

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Welcome to the world of blogging…..where I sometimes will sporadically post faithfully for a few weeks…..and then fall off the map for a few months…..but I digress…so as many of you know, we are in the process of planning and preparing for our family and friends vacation….*cues the song TURN DOWN FOR WHAT????!!!* Now I know many of you are excited about the time we’ll get to spend together…others….weeelll not so much. For some it might be a case where traveling on a boat in the middle of the ocean just isn’t your thing *cue the “I can’t drink all that water” chorus*

Here is the thing, although you can’t drink all that water, your cruise ship is the size of several football fields and are typically over-equipped with lifeboats…should the worst happen. The chances of your cruise ship sinking….are about as slim as a number 2 pencil. Each incident…

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