Shake What Yo Mama Gave Ya!!!!

18 Oct


Did I get your attention with that one????  LOL! For those that don’t know, my fitness journey has been full of peaks and valleys!  Lately I have been in a VERY DEEP VALLEY!  I’m slowly working my way back up the peak but I must say it is not easy….even with all the previous experience I have had in the gym.  Once you fall off the wagon it can seem like you have to practically sprint to get back on it.

Here is the thing…don’t sprint…don’t even jog…..just dance.  What I mean is try a Zumba, Jazzercise, or Hip-Hop dance class.

Personally I have only done the Zumba dance classes but I will certainly be trying the Hip-Hop dance class so I can have an excuse to twerk LOL!  Seriously though, for those of you just starting out, or just picking back up going to a beginners zumba class is…

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