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Living a Full and Healthy Life

16 Apr

This is gona be pretty short post tonight, I’m taking a break from the project that I have due for my management class this Thursday(God help me). So I was thinking about health of course. The thing I was thinking about specifically was why we even workout or eat healthy. I mean I’m not sure about anyone else but some days I just want to throw it all down the drain and have an extremely pessimistic attitude and say “hey, I’m going to die anyway let me enjoy myself while I’m doing it.” Then I started thinking how absolutely asinine that would be if I did decide to do something like that. The reason I say that is because I would be paying through the nose when I got older to try to stay alive. In other words, all the unhealthy choices I make now at a young age I WILL PAY FOR IT IN THE FUTURE! So what does that have to do with living a full and healthy life or people working out etc? Well, some people workout because they want to “live longer”. Honey let me put your mind at ease right now.



Meaning, whatever time you are destined to have that is just how much time you have. Yes I know you’re probably rolling your eyes or scratching your head but guess what every one is leaving here ready or not. What’s even worse is the fact that you can actually decrease the quantity of your life. In other words, bad eating habits, excessive drinking and smoking can all contribute to your life being cut short. Now I know that sounds extremely morbid but hear me out. On the flip side, although you may not be able to increase the quantity…you always have the chance to INCREASE AND IMPROVE THE QUALITY! yes_logo What I mean by that is, you can work out, eat right, get enough rest, drink lots of water and give yourself the chance to live a full life.

So in essence you have two choices. You can eat trash, sit on your butt all day every day, wear your body out by doing self destructive things like drinking and smoking…..ooorrrr you can go ahead and build a better, stronger, healthier you. When you do this, you help your pocket smile because you aren’t constantly throwing hundred or even thousands of dollars into hospitals or doctors laps because you neglected to do the basic things to take care of and maintain your health. Trust me, this is literally going to be a life long journey but it can be done and you won’t regret it if you just give it a try.
Stay Sweet,


Where to Begin…..

9 Apr

Alrighty, so I am giving this blog thing another go….this is my first time on wordpress.  I used to use blog spot but I didn’t really have something I was passionate enough about to write consistently.  This time around I’m blogging about something that I am extremely passionate about and that’s being healthy.  The good thing for me is I can make this blog extremely broad or extremely narrow.  I’m going to include things like awesome recipes(that I will try of course).  New work outs/exercises and even just general health info I find online. Oh and I’ll even post videos and of course I’m going to talk about my family….alot 🙂  

I guess to kind of explain why I am starting this is mainly because of the women in my family.  The majority of the women in my family are less than 5’6″ and are morbidly obese.  I call it the Hancock curse( my grandmothers maiden name).  Aside from being petrified of the idea of not being able to walk up a flight of stairs without needing an oxygen tank, my Granny Fae-Fae and my mother are the other inspirations for me trying to develop a healthier lifestyle.  

First lets talk about Granny Fae. Image So about four years ago, Granny was diagnosed with breast cancer. She started treatments, had surgery and was BREAST cancer free.  Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to her lungs and bones which called for more chemotherapy and radiation.  She is a fighter and is still going strong and her struggles motivate me to want to treat my body the best that I can so I will have a stronger immune system etc.  Yes I know, diet and exercise won’t exactly prevent cancer per se but I know being an overall healthy person can give me a fighting chance if something like that were to ever come up!

Like most folk, my mama is also my inspiration. Image She’s my inspiration because she is what I don’t want to be.  Don’t get me wrong I love my mama to death and if I could I would give her the world, but my mom is like most other Americans….lazy and addicted to processed foods and sugary drinks and sweets.  Grant it, I love my sweets but I have been training myself to have those things in moderation because as a black woman I have an increased risk for diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease just to name a few.  My mom used to be a superstar on her highschool basketball team, worked out consistently and tried to eat healthy but she got lazy and fell off.  She didn’t and doesn’t see her health as being important so she pushed it aside and slowly she is starting to experience the consequences for it.  Sooooo the point I’m trying to make is, I don’t want to allow myself an excuses for why I can’t work out or be healthier.  If I can’t get to a gym I can try to go for a run.  If I can’t get any exercise in that particular day, I can at least make sure the food I’m eating is top noch and offers the nutrients I need.

Well I think this is enough for now! Let me know what you guys think.

Stay Sweet,



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