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Don’t Let Food Control You

2 Nov

So as some of you may know I really enjoy eating…..I mean I LOVE eating! Precious praise the lord!

However, eating whatever I want is not exactly the best recipe for getting the healthy body that I want. So what is a girl to do? Between completing assignments for school(which I will be doing as soon as I finish this post),going to work, and trying to balance time between the gym and sleeping enough…..my days are starting to seem a little chaotic, in a good way. To be quite honest I actually enjoy being really busy…..I feel like I am actually doing something with my life and not just sitting around waiting or being idle.

Anywho, I have always enjoyed watching food network. I love seeing the competition shows and the regular cooking shows with all of their different recipes and ideas. It makes me want to jump in the kitchen and start whipping up a ton of different things to try. Downside is, I do not have the time or financial resources to ruin a perfectly good roast or cornish hen and on top of that a lot of the recipes I am dying to try require a truckload of butter, salt, cream, cheese, sugar, or a combination of three or more of these ingredients. Don’t get me wrong….I’m not saying that these foods are bad for you but too much of them is not exactly the best thing either. It’s all about balance…but for someone like me who loves rich and hearty foods…..well the balance thing kinda is not my strongest point. I am still working on learning when to tell myself “That is enough” ESPECIALLY when something tastes really good to me. I tend to lose focus on my fitness goals and dive right into whatever it is I am eating.

Frog...I am so full
What can I say? I really like good food! So since I know what my problem is concerning cooked meals and junk food alike I have come up with a few suggestions for those of you that are like me…..

1.)Eat to Live…not Live to Eat

This can be pretty challenging with all the great foods you have access to. Trust me….I get it. That chinese food spot is your go to after a long day….or you HAVE to have that crab tray every weekend….(yes that is me lol) I am not saying there is anything wrong with snacking on some cookies or eating the fried chicken but don’t let food consume you….unless of course you are a chef/culinary student….then I understand and respect your love for food. However it does not mean you have to overindulge…moderation is key!

2.) Be honest with yourself


We all know what our weaknesses are. For me it is sweets….some people have sweet teeth….but I have a sweet MOUTH…especially for chocolate! Since I know what my weaknesses are…..keeping chocolate snacks in my apartment may not be the best idea….although I do actually have some Oreos in the pantry right now LOL *kanyeshrug* what can I say…I am a work in progress.

3.) Set realistic goals

This is something that I have really started to better understand. I have all of these fitness dreams and aspirations that are almost reserved for people that have the time to dedicate countless hours in the gym. See….the way my life is set up now….I have a solid hour that I try to commit everyday…but honestly sometimes I fall short either because I am being too lazy or really just do not have time…or maybe I just don’t make the time….hhhhmmm questions that need answers….


Anyway bottom line is that as you ocntinue your fitness journey you don’t set these astronomical goals and then give up because you don’t reach them. Maybe you could start off with weekly goals. For example, this week you can commit to walking at least 20 mintues everyday. As you progress you can up the ante and turn that walk into a power walk or light jog. So instead of focusing on your ultimate goal of say, losing 30 pounds, start off small.

4.) Get an accountability partner

Oh this makes SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!! When I was in undergrad….having someone workout with me made me make much better and responsible choices from what I ate to how often I worked out. We motivated each other to continue to improve and it has such an impact on your overall well being. When you know your gym partner is going to call you out for missing the gym for a week straight or for how you ALWAYS eat junk after you leave the gym…it makes you more aware of the choices you make.

5.) Don’t be so hard on yourself
Finally….we will not always get it right. Sometimes you will fall off. Sometimes you will be at the top of your game. Either way….the ultimate thing is to keep going….even if you have to crawl.


Fitness and being healthy is a daily lifestyle choice. Just like you choose to brush your teeth each morning(hopefully) because you are aware that it is necessary….the same applies to your health. Because you know that it is necessary…you have to learn to choose the healthier options. Of course you can have the occasional indulgences….but do not be like me and indulge so much that you end up back at square one…because it can be discouraging to see yourself set back.

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My Last Day- No More Fast Food

1 Apr

Please take a moment with me to say goodbye to the worst relationship I have ever had and that is with fast food restaurants like Popeyes, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Five Guys, Taco Bell…..just to name a few.  We had a great run but you’ve been nothing but trouble for me.  Your addictive over-processed and harldy nutritional food has been such a major obstacle for me!  I can be the biggest gym junkie in the world (literally and figuratively)  but still see no real results because of your unfortunately deceptive easiness.  


So here is my goodbye to you all.  Trust me, this is as hard for me as it is for you but I’ve gota let you go! You’re holding me back from the body I really want.  Some of you we can’t talk ever again…..some of you…..we’ll just be occasional acquaintances(like Chik-fil-a for those blessed milk shakes. Good thing is the closest one is an hour away so I won’t be having many of those either).  My kitchen has become my new best friend and I won’t leave you again. Sorry it took so long for me to come back to you…..and no this isn’t an April Fools joke.

Embrace the Body You’ve Been Given

20 Mar

Alright, so I notice alot of people in the fitness world have that one person they look up to whether it’s  friend, co-worker, relative or Shaun from Insanity….everyone’s got someone they admire or aspire to be like.  I was thinking about it and made me think….that can be unhealthy. I know you’re thinking, “Kyra, there is nothing wrong with looking up to someone or wanting to improve”  and I would say you are absolutely correct.  I would also say that some of the people we aspire to look like can sometimes be unrealistic. For example you have the Victoria’s Secret models who have been touched by the god’s…well maybe I won’t go that far…but they are genetically predisposed to have a lean figure. For the guys you’ve got the Hollister and A&F male models who seem to have been carved by angels and everything in between. 

Of course I know the groups of people I just mentioned are not everyone’s ideal body goal/type/aspiration.  Some women may prefer to be on the more curvy side like Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce.  The fellas may be more interested in looking like Shaun from insanity…maybe, I don’t really know. I can’t speak for the guys.  Maybe they want to have football players build….or a  basketball player.  Those are the body types I find extremely attractive but I digress. 

So to get back on track, everyone has this idea of what they want to look like and sometimes we have a goal in mind and lose sight of who we are. 

The purpose for exercising and being healthy has gone from ” I want to be healthy.” to “I want to look like: x, y, and z.” It’s great to have healthy goals to aspire to but be careful because you can end up compromising your house.  If you get so caught up with this “ideal look”, you can develop eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia nervosa.  Or, you can get caught up in the plastic surgery craze.  So many people have ruined their bodies and lives trying to reach these unattainable physiques.  Now I’m not saying you can not or should not want to become a better you.  What I am saying is, putting your body through countless surgeries, endless hours in the gym, injections, or supplements that are not FDA approved (and even some that are) can give you results you DON’T want.

It’s great to want to ever improve but no one is perfect. There is always room to grow and improve so don’t beat yourself up because you don’t look like x, y, and z. Embrace the body you were given, flaws and all.


You Want to be Successful?

10 Sep

Some inspiration for all of my fitness enthusiast out there! Of course this video can apply to more than just fitness. Enjoy!

My Ongoing Battle With Healthy Eating and Self-discipline

9 Sep

Ok so I have been considering (weakly I might add) giving up meat.  Now…..I used to be one of those people that said I can not live without meat….I must have it with every meal….you know I was “that guy”.  I have learned that meat is not in fact a necessity in one’s diet.  Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy it….in fact I think I may sauté some chicken tonight but that isn’t the point.  The point is, I still do not eat enough fruits and veggies.  THERE I SAID IT!

During Spring semester of this year I was doing really good with eating right and exercising everyday religiously and then I went home for the summer and my parents sabotaged me….yes I blame them.  I can’t put all the blame on them though.  It’s not like my parents were in the car with me when I drove to that Wendy’s.  It’s not like they forced me to order that Papa John’s pizza or that Chinese food.  So all summer I’ve been battling the bulge and it’s still ongoing.  Thank God I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon but I’ve definitely set myself back :(.  Thankfully I don’t have a bulge….I did just enough to basically maintain.  Instead of getting depressed and grabbing the nearest box of cookies or carton of ice cream, I’m going to go ahead and jump right back in it.  I know what to do and I can’t allow myself to slip back into the habit of exercising only once every other month or eating past a certain time, or eating fast food so much( that adds up really quick by the way). 

The first step is just buying better food.  Yes, we all have the things we love and that’s ok.  You can have it but just remember moderation is the key. That is where I messed up this summer, moderation.  But THANK GOD FOR MUSCLE MEMORY and being young! Give me three weeks of non-stop intense training and I’ll be close to my pre-summer body.  One lesson that I did learn about myself this summer is that I am weak.  As soon as my surroundings changed I almost reverted back to my old ways of horrible eating and being sedentary.  Because of that,  I have decided to make a journal for myself. This journal is  not just about food but it is for everything.  It can give me a chance to reflect about the day and I can hopefully start to recognize what triggers certain cravings and how to avoid falling into the temptation of eating bad food or not making time to exercise because I’m “too tired” or “too busy” . 

Along with all of that,  I really have to learn how to have discipline. I am moving after graduation in December and I will be close to my granny who cooks gloriously unhealthy foods all the time.  I mean dressing, ham, turkey, greens, macaroni and cheese, pies, cakes….I could go on and on.  I feel like I need to go to the gym just thinking about her cooking.  Yes all of her food has great taste but it’s not so great for the figure.  I love that woman’s cooking……*licks lips*….and if I couldn’t handle the not healthy food at my parents house…who by the way do not cook often…..what am I going to do when Jordan swells?????? In other words, what am I gona do when I get close to granny?  So I have to buckle down now and really get on the ball because I refuse to let my weight and health become an issue when I get older because I was too tired or too lazy to get up and move!!!

They say the first step to correcting a problem is admitting that you have a problem….welp  y’all I have a problem!  I recognize that I don’t have self-discipline down yet so I’m making a goal to go to the gym everyday for the rest of this semester and to make sure I eat the recommended amounts of fruits and veggies everyday!  I’ll keep you guys posted about the transformations my body is about to make.  I may stumble sometimes but I’m not giving up!! Fit for life!!!

It Has Been a Minute/Checking In

13 Aug

Alright, alright, don’t stone me…..I know it has been quite a long time since I have posted but I believe my excuse is legitimate.  See I started my summer semester of college and I was taking a total of three classes.  Of those three classes,  microeconomics was one of them…..let me take this moment to say that microeconomics is a Godforsaken class and I will never miss that class.  

Anyway, I don’t really remember the last thing I posted and I didn’t take the time to look at what I wrote, I’ve just decided to try to pick up like nothing happened *cough cough*.   Well let’s see, I guess I can give you an update about what I’ve been doing about working out and eating healthy…..all that great stuff.

To start, I haven’t been doing the best when it comes to eating right or exercising.  Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly been, doing better than I was previously but I haven’t been doing as well as I would like to.  Two of the biggest issues is 1.) easy access to a workout facility and 2.) money.  

Alright so my dad is retired military and I can use the gym on the military base but it is a world away and “ain’t nobody got gas for that”.  Having neighborhood runs is out of the question. Why? Because my dad is afraid that someone will snatch me up…..but trust me they will bring me back with a quickness.  

The number two reason, money, is what happens when you’re a minimum wage earning college student.  So I don’t have the money for gas or healthy food.  Grant it, I would make investments in fruit and veggies when I had the extra funds but it’s a little bit harder to keep that kind of food around the house with my parents.  To be honest my parents are not the healthiest eaters but when I buy my healthy food all of a sudden they go on this health kick.  Keep in mind, my food is not cheap.  I buy my groceries from Publix and Whole Foods because I want to treat my body right(expensive taste for a college student I know).  Hey, I mean I want to be healthy and have a good quality of life so a girls gota do what a girls gota do.  

Anyway, those two factors are the biggest issues that I have had during the summer and it has set me back a little bit.  I’m not back at square one per se but I am not as close to my dream beach body that I want.  So once I move back on Sunday I can get back into the swing of things and really get my sexy on.  Here’s to my last semester of college and my ongoing quest to being a healthier me!!

Women, Weight, and Body Image

9 May

Alright….so this post is aaaallll about women. Now just to clear the air, I am not about to rant about how hard it is for women to lose weight or how unfair it is that men can lose weight faster blah blah blah. In fact, I could care less about any of that. What I do want to focus on is the way we as women treat each other.

In a previous post I mentioned the different type of people you have at th gym. Well in this one we’re going to focus on the different types of women…..you’ve got the show off( wears only sports bra and too tight spandex shorts), insecure woman( she is so worried about what others think of her body she doesn’t even like going to the gym) normal/nonchalant (just in the gym with her music blasting trying to get her work out in before she gets the day going, super health conscious), and the beast( working out is her life, she’s probably trying to be a body builder), and you can’t forget the “know nothing” woman. And when I say that I don’t mean to question anyone’s level of intelligence, I mean she’s the type of woman to take up tons of time trying to figure out how to use a piece of equipment instead of just asking before hand like come on miss please just move already! Anyway that’s just a quick description of some of the type if women in the gym.

Ok, to the meat of the matter. I’ve actually been working on this piece for a minute because I really wanted to make sure I got my point across. I’ve really noticed (even more) since going away to school that we as women tear each other down like it’s nobodies business. (pause for the gasps on disbelief) yes we as women tend to pull each other down just so we can get ahead. So to focus on women in the gym since this is a blog about fitness, I can’t seem to grasp why it is we have faces that look like we’ve been sucking on lemons. For example, you see the “show off” walk in and you’re immediately turned off. Don’t get me wrong I can understand the envy you may feel because she comes into the gym everyday without ever hardly breaking a sweat and still has a body that looks like it was carved by angels…..well guess what SUCK IT IP! Yeah, I said it! We aren’t all built the same so if you know you have to “sweat like a pig to look like a fox” do what you have to do, being mad at her or discussing her with your workout partner is not going to change the fact that you still have to leave it all in the gym to get the results you want.

I’m going leave the woman thing along because I think y’all get my point but one other thing I’d like to address about the example I have previously…..you should consider what you are eating. The “show off” may only do light workouts everyday but her eating habits are probably cleaner than a hospital room so just because she’s not making the “sacrifices” you think are necessary in the gym, you have no idea what she does at home and that’s her business.
Well enough about that I don’t care to say too much more about this cause I’ll get aggravated but let me know what y’all think and as always….
Stay Sweet,


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