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WHERE HAVE I BEEN???? Back in the swing of things!

18 Mar

Okay….okay….so I have to apologize for my extremely horrible blogging pattern.  I have a pretty good excuse I think….I was getting ready for one of the most important days of my life….GRADUATION!!! I am proud to say I am officially an alumnus of the University of Florida and I will forever bleed orange and blue!

Now back to this blogging business, so the issue is now I am living an in area where major companies like Comcast and AT&T  do not provide wireless internet….I’d have to get dial up.  So the only access I have to the internet world is the public library or my cell phone and blogging from a cell phone ain’t gona cut it.   NO

In regards to all things fitness, it is safe to say I fell off big time.  Two days after graduation I moved back to my hometown in Arkansas and a few weeks later I started working.  I did go to the gym consistently initially but awful winter weather kept me locked in the house with plenty of good ole country cooking.  Needless to say, I quickly got out of the swing of things and I noticed my body changing almost immediately.  The tight abs and toned arms were getting softer.  Every day I’d say “tomorrow I’ll go” or “it’s too cold”.   All I had was a bunch of excuses.     Then at the end of February, I lost my Papa LC and I turned to food for comfort.   Sweets and fast food became my best friend( I’m pretty sure I was having some serious emotional eating going on).  It is a daily struggle but I am slowly coming out of it.

Today will be my first day in almost six weeks back in the gym so of course I’m going to hate myself with every rep and every step I take during this run tonight.

It’s going to be challenging these next few weeks but I had to remind myself why I wanted to be healthy in the first place!  At the end of the day the core issue is making time for what’s important….even if that means sacrificing an hour of sleep to get in a workout.  Not only that, I’ve got to get back in the habit of cooking everyday and buying more fruits and veggies to have on hand to snack on.   THANK GOD I didn’t put on any weight but I’m certainly not as toned or in shape as I was but hey, I’ve got a good eight weeks before summer starts.  Let’s get it!  Back on track and loving every minute of it.  Y’all won’t be ready for this summer body!!!! I’m getting fit and staying that way!



Publix Pineapples and West African Dance

21 Aug


So today was the first day of classes here at the University of Florida….GO GATORS!!! I am officially in my last semester and I am super excited because this semester there is only one class that I have to physically attend and that is West African Dance.  Before I get into that I would just like to say I LOVE PUBLIX FRESH PINEAPPLES!!!


I’m not sure if they put sugar on them pineapples or what but GOOD LAWD those pineapples are soooooo good! There are really sweet and juicy and I really like them super cold! Not frozen, but really really really really cold.  I know pineapples have a lot of sugar but the way I see it, it’s better to have natural sugars than getting sugar from processed sweets like cookies, cake, and ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of those things too but I think pineapples are a little bit better than all of that other stuff.

Anyway, West African Dance……


I AM NOT IN ANY WAY GOOD AT THIS!!!!! However, I absolutely LOOOOOVVVEEEE the class.  Of course I am really shy and I don’t like to be taken out of my comfort zone but it is a great work out so that’s part of the reason I am writing about it now.  When class started today we did the warm up and of course in my mind I’m thinking this was the actual dance starting….it was not…..and I was looking really sad LOL.  It’s ok though, it was excellent cardio, had a great time getting my sweat on while dancing.  I can’t lie the drummers were pretty cute but I’m to shy to talk to any of them…..and the fact that I’m jacking up their cultures dances probably won’t help.

It is my first day so maybe once I get to the end of the semester I’ll be really good at it.  I’m looking forward to the good cardio though because I hate doing cardio in the gym.  Anyone who doesn’t like doing traditional cardio…..like running….West African dance and Zumba are EXCELLENT  ways to break a sweat and get your heart pumping.


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