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It Has Been a Minute/Checking In

13 Aug

Alright, alright, don’t stone me…..I know it has been quite a long time since I have posted but I believe my excuse is legitimate.  See I started my summer semester of college and I was taking a total of three classes.  Of those three classes,  microeconomics was one of them…..let me take this moment to say that microeconomics is a Godforsaken class and I will never miss that class.  

Anyway, I don’t really remember the last thing I posted and I didn’t take the time to look at what I wrote, I’ve just decided to try to pick up like nothing happened *cough cough*.   Well let’s see, I guess I can give you an update about what I’ve been doing about working out and eating healthy…..all that great stuff.

To start, I haven’t been doing the best when it comes to eating right or exercising.  Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly been, doing better than I was previously but I haven’t been doing as well as I would like to.  Two of the biggest issues is 1.) easy access to a workout facility and 2.) money.  

Alright so my dad is retired military and I can use the gym on the military base but it is a world away and “ain’t nobody got gas for that”.  Having neighborhood runs is out of the question. Why? Because my dad is afraid that someone will snatch me up…..but trust me they will bring me back with a quickness.  

The number two reason, money, is what happens when you’re a minimum wage earning college student.  So I don’t have the money for gas or healthy food.  Grant it, I would make investments in fruit and veggies when I had the extra funds but it’s a little bit harder to keep that kind of food around the house with my parents.  To be honest my parents are not the healthiest eaters but when I buy my healthy food all of a sudden they go on this health kick.  Keep in mind, my food is not cheap.  I buy my groceries from Publix and Whole Foods because I want to treat my body right(expensive taste for a college student I know).  Hey, I mean I want to be healthy and have a good quality of life so a girls gota do what a girls gota do.  

Anyway, those two factors are the biggest issues that I have had during the summer and it has set me back a little bit.  I’m not back at square one per se but I am not as close to my dream beach body that I want.  So once I move back on Sunday I can get back into the swing of things and really get my sexy on.  Here’s to my last semester of college and my ongoing quest to being a healthier me!!


You Know What Really Grinds My Gears….

10 Apr

So I am a gym fanatic.  Everyday at least an hour, I have to get it in! I’m not the typical yoga doing jazzercise loving chick.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Zumba, but the weight room is my territory.  The thing that sucks about being a weight lifting chick is the competition to use machines or weights in the weight room.  For example, yesterday was leg day for me but everybody and their mama decided to be in the weight room which meant I had to sit and wait for longer than 5minutes between exercises and sets to try to workout.

Let me back track and tell y’all some of the leg workouts I like to do.  So we got: leg press, squats, wall sits, box jumps, lunges, leg extensions, calf raises, mountain climbers and burpees.  Ok just to be clear, I am in no way shape or form beast enough to do all of these in one sitting….yet….but that’s just because I try to do 4sets of 10 of each one.  Anyway I’ll tell y’all later about how much weight I do for each another time.

Now back to this crowded weight room.  So yeah, it’s expected at the beginning of the year when everyone jumps on the new years resolution band wagon, but last night was out of control.  I do partly blame myself because I do normally go to the gym at 6am but being a college student that doesn’t always work out when you stay up til 3am doing homework, studying, or partying(not me of course) LOL! So days that I don’t make it to the gym at 6am. I go later in the evening, but last night was just out of control.  This is how the gym looks at 6am Image

This is exactly how I like it.  Very few people, freedom to take my time during my sets.  No fear of people looking at me crazy cause of all the weird animal noises I make cause I’m lifting “that much weight”….pause….anyway this is how the gym looks at night around 8:30-9pmImage

This is just ridiculous.  The weight room is swarming with people that have no idea what they are doing.  So lets examine the different type of people you have in the gym.

You’ve got the bodybuilding hulk type people, you’ve got the trying to be cute type, you’ve got the struggling to get buff type, and you’ve got the being healthy/gym is my life type. Now, the faithful body builders are there everyday at the same time. They have this goal to super freakishly huge, do you boo! Then you’ve got the trying to be cute type(normally chicks) that wear the spandex shorts that let half of her butt cheeks hang out while she prances around and lifts a 2pound weight to “tone her arms”.  Then there is the tiny guy, also known as the struggling to get buff type, trying to build muscle to get the attention of the “butt-cheek” girl who is to busy trying to get the attention of the body building cat.   Then you got me and my type, the healthy living/gym is my life type who just wants to get a good work out in and push my body pass my limits and get RIPPED! Or at least have a sexy core LOL!

Ok soooo we got a gym full of people all with different purposes and goals and some of these people are IN THE WAY! You don’t even know what you’re doing. Like you’re staring at the leg press machine trying to figure out how to put weight on it….seriously?! Please ask for some help or move out of the way.  Not trying to sound like a gym snob but although I love the gym, it’s not my goal to be in their longer than an hour and a half because I have to wait 15minutes for each machine or a bench or whatever because you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re being cute.  Go be cute somewhere else or after I finish my workout. The gym is not where you’re trying to be cute or impress somebody.  The gym is where you work on your body! Get your priorities straight!

Stay Sweet,



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