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Fed-Up Challenge

9 May

I just heard about a really interesting challenge called the Fed-Up Challenge by Katie Couric.  Basically,  for ten days you cut out ALL artifical/added sugars and sweetners(honey and mollasses included) .  I’m going to give it a try because I want to see if there really is a big difference in my energy levels, my skin complexion, and my overall well being. 

As some of you know, I come from a family of sweets eaters.  The Hancock side of my family is known for all of our decadent desserts like strawberry cheesecake, pound cake, red velvet cake, sweet potato pie…..you see where I’m going with this?  I have no doubt these dishes have a lot of sugar in them because I have made them myself.  However,  I try to make those dishes for special occassions like birthdays and holidays.  I have to be honest, I’m not sure how well I am going to do with this challenge because I can be a big snacker. My biggest addiction is chocolate.  Oreos, chocolate cake, brownies….anything like that will have me slip up everytime.  I am hoping that after this challenge is over.  I will be able to report back the progress I made cutting out all those extra hidden sugars.  You are all welcome to join me on this journey to wellness and self-improvement.

Here’s to having a happy, healthy fed-up challenge!    


WHERE HAVE I BEEN???? Back in the swing of things!

18 Mar

Okay….okay….so I have to apologize for my extremely horrible blogging pattern.  I have a pretty good excuse I think….I was getting ready for one of the most important days of my life….GRADUATION!!! I am proud to say I am officially an alumnus of the University of Florida and I will forever bleed orange and blue!

Now back to this blogging business, so the issue is now I am living an in area where major companies like Comcast and AT&T  do not provide wireless internet….I’d have to get dial up.  So the only access I have to the internet world is the public library or my cell phone and blogging from a cell phone ain’t gona cut it.   NO

In regards to all things fitness, it is safe to say I fell off big time.  Two days after graduation I moved back to my hometown in Arkansas and a few weeks later I started working.  I did go to the gym consistently initially but awful winter weather kept me locked in the house with plenty of good ole country cooking.  Needless to say, I quickly got out of the swing of things and I noticed my body changing almost immediately.  The tight abs and toned arms were getting softer.  Every day I’d say “tomorrow I’ll go” or “it’s too cold”.   All I had was a bunch of excuses.     Then at the end of February, I lost my Papa LC and I turned to food for comfort.   Sweets and fast food became my best friend( I’m pretty sure I was having some serious emotional eating going on).  It is a daily struggle but I am slowly coming out of it.

Today will be my first day in almost six weeks back in the gym so of course I’m going to hate myself with every rep and every step I take during this run tonight.

It’s going to be challenging these next few weeks but I had to remind myself why I wanted to be healthy in the first place!  At the end of the day the core issue is making time for what’s important….even if that means sacrificing an hour of sleep to get in a workout.  Not only that, I’ve got to get back in the habit of cooking everyday and buying more fruits and veggies to have on hand to snack on.   THANK GOD I didn’t put on any weight but I’m certainly not as toned or in shape as I was but hey, I’ve got a good eight weeks before summer starts.  Let’s get it!  Back on track and loving every minute of it.  Y’all won’t be ready for this summer body!!!! I’m getting fit and staying that way!


My Ongoing Battle With Healthy Eating and Self-discipline

9 Sep

Ok so I have been considering (weakly I might add) giving up meat.  Now…..I used to be one of those people that said I can not live without meat….I must have it with every meal….you know I was “that guy”.  I have learned that meat is not in fact a necessity in one’s diet.  Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy it….in fact I think I may sauté some chicken tonight but that isn’t the point.  The point is, I still do not eat enough fruits and veggies.  THERE I SAID IT!

During Spring semester of this year I was doing really good with eating right and exercising everyday religiously and then I went home for the summer and my parents sabotaged me….yes I blame them.  I can’t put all the blame on them though.  It’s not like my parents were in the car with me when I drove to that Wendy’s.  It’s not like they forced me to order that Papa John’s pizza or that Chinese food.  So all summer I’ve been battling the bulge and it’s still ongoing.  Thank God I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon but I’ve definitely set myself back :(.  Thankfully I don’t have a bulge….I did just enough to basically maintain.  Instead of getting depressed and grabbing the nearest box of cookies or carton of ice cream, I’m going to go ahead and jump right back in it.  I know what to do and I can’t allow myself to slip back into the habit of exercising only once every other month or eating past a certain time, or eating fast food so much( that adds up really quick by the way). 

The first step is just buying better food.  Yes, we all have the things we love and that’s ok.  You can have it but just remember moderation is the key. That is where I messed up this summer, moderation.  But THANK GOD FOR MUSCLE MEMORY and being young! Give me three weeks of non-stop intense training and I’ll be close to my pre-summer body.  One lesson that I did learn about myself this summer is that I am weak.  As soon as my surroundings changed I almost reverted back to my old ways of horrible eating and being sedentary.  Because of that,  I have decided to make a journal for myself. This journal is  not just about food but it is for everything.  It can give me a chance to reflect about the day and I can hopefully start to recognize what triggers certain cravings and how to avoid falling into the temptation of eating bad food or not making time to exercise because I’m “too tired” or “too busy” . 

Along with all of that,  I really have to learn how to have discipline. I am moving after graduation in December and I will be close to my granny who cooks gloriously unhealthy foods all the time.  I mean dressing, ham, turkey, greens, macaroni and cheese, pies, cakes….I could go on and on.  I feel like I need to go to the gym just thinking about her cooking.  Yes all of her food has great taste but it’s not so great for the figure.  I love that woman’s cooking……*licks lips*….and if I couldn’t handle the not healthy food at my parents house…who by the way do not cook often…..what am I going to do when Jordan swells?????? In other words, what am I gona do when I get close to granny?  So I have to buckle down now and really get on the ball because I refuse to let my weight and health become an issue when I get older because I was too tired or too lazy to get up and move!!!

They say the first step to correcting a problem is admitting that you have a problem….welp  y’all I have a problem!  I recognize that I don’t have self-discipline down yet so I’m making a goal to go to the gym everyday for the rest of this semester and to make sure I eat the recommended amounts of fruits and veggies everyday!  I’ll keep you guys posted about the transformations my body is about to make.  I may stumble sometimes but I’m not giving up!! Fit for life!!!

Popping Tags!!!! -How to eat healthy on a ramen noodle and koolaid budget.

29 Aug

So everyone knows I am a college student which means I am ON A BUDGET! Like a Ramen Noodles every night kind of budget *in my best all state commercial voice*  with that being said how’s a girl supposed to keep up the healthy eating while I’m finishing up my last semester of college?  Well I have scoured the web for all sorts of tips to help me pinch the pennies but also get more bang for my buck in regards to nutrition.  Sooooo without further ado……here are 5 Tips to help my fellow college students save a few pennies……or if you’re just trying to save while being healthy in general this may help you too!


1.) COUPONS!!!!!!


As a college student I have developed an almost unatural hunger for coupons and deals.  My freshman year of college I was told if you’re ever on campus and you see a long line…..get in it…..because there is probably something free at the end of it.  While that may have been true, all good things do come to an end.(haha See what I did there?  Ok, maybe it isn’t that funny…..anywho)  Not only that, sometimes the freebies at the end weren’t necessarily that good(health wise).  However,  there are lots of websites to check out when it comes to getting coupons that can pay off in the long run….literally.  Have you heard of the not so new frenzy called “extreme couponing”.

Check out these websites:


Couponing 101

These are some sites to help you get started on your extreme couponing journey. Make sure you don’t let those coupons expire( like I seem to always do) although some stores will honor the coupon if you bring it in with you.  Finally, take advantage of the buy one get one free deals if it’s something you use regularly.  

2.)  Make a List

For some this tip may be common sense but it is still a struggle for me. I grocery shop when I’m hungry and I grocery shop when I get home and my fridge looks like this:Image


 In both cases, you’re probably going to go for your old reliables…milk, cheese, cereal, bread, peanut butter, jelly, and ramen noodles right?  No? Just me?…..Ok well where is the nutritional value?  THERE IS NONE!!! Sure for those who want to argue….you get your vitamin D from milk.  Ok, I’ll give you that one.  Other than that, you have a lot of empty carbs and sugars which don’t do anything but pack on the pounds especially in the midsection.  Don’t get me wrong PB&J has gotten me through but I certainly pay for it in the gym later.  

*Quick side note:  All your hard work in the gym is practically being canceled out every time you sit down and eat empty carbs and sugary foods/drinks.  Trust me, I’m right there with you on this eating healthy thing….but if you want results that last you MUST change your diet! 

3.) Buy Frozen

Soooo….I am in love with fresh fruits and vegetables! If I had the skills of my Papa LC or my mama I’d have my own garden.  Because that is not the case(yet) I have to buy my fruits and veggies from the super market or the farmers market.  Unfortunately,  buying fresh fruits and veggies means food has to be prepared or eaten rather quickly because fresh fruits and veggies go bad almost instantly.  It’s kinda like when you buy a brand new car and the value drops before the ink dries after you sign your life and credit away on the dotted line…..just kidding…..but seriously fresh food doesn’t last as long as foods that are packed with preservatives.  Lots of college students opt out of buying fresh fruits and vegetables because of that fact.  OOOOHHHH BUT WAIT…..THERE IS A RAM IN THE BUSH!!!!! Frozen fruits and veggies……


Now, I’m not saying the frozen foods are superior in quality or taste but it certainly is much better for you and your colon than smoked sausages, pizza, and peanut butter and jelly everyday.  No, the tomato sauce on the pizza does not count as a serving of veggies…at least not to me 😉


4.)  Meal Prep

Meal prep is probably one of the best ways to help you keep a steady handle on what you’re eating and how much.  When you prep your meals, you are very conscious of how much you’re eating and you are training your body to eat healthier foods.  Most people like to use some inexpensive plastic containers like Ziploc to store their meals.


 I buy off brand cause baby girl is on a budget, but please feel free to use whatever product you are most comfortable with.  One other great thing about meal prep,  when you start doing it( in conjunction with writing your list)  you will become more aware of what you purchase when you grocery shop and you will start MEAL PLANNING!!!  


5.) Keep a Food Diary/Journal/Meal Planning(for the guys who don’t like the idea of a diary)

So I’m going to mix meal planning into this food diary tip.  Your first week you should try to make a note of everything you eat.  For those that want to, feel free to write in the calories.  I am not on that level…..it makes me sad to see how many empty calories I sometimes consume.  Anyway,  when you keep your food diary, you will have an even better idea of things you’re eating that perhaps wasn’t include in your prepped meal.  For example, you are invited to dinner by your co-workers.  One-you’ve just taken money from the grocery budget to eat out. Two- You’re probably not going to be as focused on eating “super healthy” while you’re out having a good time. You see where I’m going with this?  Keeping a food diary will help you become more accountable for what you eat.  Mind you,  I personally do not think you should become obsessive and nit pick at everything all the time.  I’m a country girl and I LOVE TO EAT! I’m pretty sure I’ve said I love to eat in every post I have written thus far.   Anyway, just use the diary to help you become more aware of what you’re eating and how much money you spend on food and eating out.( Make sure you include the foods you buy grocery shopping).   Finally, is actual meal planning.  Take that first week to get a good grip on what you eat regularly. Use the second week to consciously start incorporating super foods in your diet like sweet potatoes.  They have the same number of calories as a regular white potato but sooooo much more overall nutritional value….and they’re really yummy baked 🙂

In conclusion….ehem…. quick recap:

1.) Use Coupons

2.) Make a List

3.) Buy Frozen

4.) Meal Prep

5.) Keep a Food Diary/Journal/Meal prep

Hope these tips help!  Please comment and follow 🙂

Having a Healthier diet Part 2( Sugar and you!)

3 May

Ok so I want to start off by saying this from the jump my next post will be about body image, weight and women because we as women can be soooooo ugly to one another. Anyway that will come up another time, right now I want to focus on the consumption of sugar and how it affects our weight/health.

Ok so if you have a sweet tooth and you know it raise your hand *clap clap*, if you have a sweet tooth and you know it raise your hand *clap clap*. Ok so I have both hands and feet raised at this point because I have an extremely bad case of having a sweet tooth or sweet mouth sweet teeth whatever you want to call it. Anyway, I know someone out there may be asking, “what’s so bad about sugar?” Or something along those lines right. Well here’s the thing there isn’t anything wrong with sugar. It’s great for making yummy desserts and treats but the problem comes when we use 4cups of sugar in one of our yummy desserts and then we try to eat said yummy dessert by ourselves.


For example, if you make a chocolate cake today and you are the only person in the house that cake should not be finished in two days. In fact, if you finish the cake before it goes bad you should reevaluate some things. The only reason I’m saying this is because chances are, that cake isn’t the only sugary thing you’ve had today….think about it…that iced white chocolate mocha coffee with the danish this morning for breakfast, the cereal bar for lunch with a lipton iced tea cause you’re “watching your weight” then your afternoon snack is a slice of chocolate cake that covers half of the plate…..yes you are certainly watching your weight……watching it grow exponentially. So although it may see that one slice of cake you have a day is harmless, keep in mind how much sugar is in all the other food you are eating and the drinks you have.

Keep in mind, there are different names for sugar. Some names are sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maltose, high fructose corn syrup, just to name a few! There are lots of different types of sugar so do your research!

Well, that’s all for now love bugs!
Stay sweet,


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